Keep A Crayon Handy

Let me just say that I know this is for us Mom's to do. But being how this is my first Wrapped Emotions post I got my girls to do this with me.
Well, truth be told I did have to ask them if Mommy could use their crayon's.
Ha, Ha :)

The first one is mine, colors are purple, pink & blue. I used leaves, pine needles and the mat at my front door.
The second one is Shalyn's, colors are: Light blue, green & purple. She used: leaves, hay and one of my hot plate holders.
The third one is Scottlyn's, colors are: yellow, green, blue & purple. She used: leaves, cheese grater and the front door mat.
Again, I want to say thank you for helping me create such a wonderful memory with my girls. They enjoyed it so much they did about 3 more rubbing sheets.

Thanks for the blessing,



Sheila said...

I think all three are quite lovely!

~Melissa~ said...

They are all so full of color!

Jenny said...

Very nice! I love how you used all sorts of different colors...neat!

Jenny-up the hill

Kim said...

Very pretty. They turned out great. This was a great one to get the kid involved in. My kids actually did the very first project with me. Of course that one involved eating candy.

Kim @ TheBitterBall

~ Melody ~ said...

Hi Trina and welcome!

Your rubbing is fabulous. So many shapes, textures and colors you chose. From looking at your piece I imagine you are a happy woman with a well-rounded life, fulfilled. Close?

Your girls did beautiful rubbings. I love the eclectic choice of textures and colors.

Best of all is that you enjoyed the time with your daughters. So glad you joined us.

Chelle said...

I love your art. So pretty.
I did mine and then forgot to post it. I need to go dig it out of my backpack.


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