Monday Meanderings

Bible Study: Continue with Beth Moore "David 90 Days with a Heart Like His"
Family: "Boy, Have I got Problems" Learning James 2: 5-8
(Check Out the wonderful graphics at the top to go along with out study.)
  1. Monday ~ Laundry
  2. Tuesday ~ Bathrooms
  3. Wednesday ~Kitchen / Living Room
  4. Thursday ~Floors / Dinning Room
  5. Friday ~ Bedroom's

To Do's for this week:

  1. Get ready for Tuesday Class (Today)
  2. Post Office Run
  3. Start trying to find a New Cookie Recipe to give Husbands employees (he has 35 employees) for Christmas. I give each employee 1/2 dozen cookies (wrapped real special w/ love) and sent in a tray of cookies for the break room. This is a simple way for him to say thank you. I wanted to do something different like "Home Make Soup in a Jar" for everyone. But He informed me they are already looking forward to "Cookies". So if you have a wonderful recipe and PLEASE SHARE!
  4. Speaking of sweets: I need to get some special sweets. On Friday a sweet friend of mine will be coming over for Afternoon Tea. Her two children will be coming over as well. This is actually a play date. But Afternoon Tea sounds so much more leisurely the PLAY DATE. I am hoping to be a blessing to her and making her feel special.
  5. Thursday: FIELD TRIP @ Stevie B's Pizza. This is a lame Field trip (we do this every year) Honestly it is a good reason to take a few hours out of our day an meet friends. They also have the best Bake Potato Pizza.

This weeks Menu:

Monday: Spaghetti (w/ ground turkey)

Tuesday: Subs

Wednesday: Hot Dogs

Thursday: Turkey Burgers (no bun)w/ veggies

Friday: Cheeses Chicken & Rice

Saturday: Family Night: Taco's and Ice Cream Sunday's

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Tiany said...

Great plans for your week! I pray you have a blessed and productive one!!!

Hugs & Blessings,


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