Blogger Friend School #14

My Dearest Lord and Savior,

The love you show me is more then I deserve. For you know I am a sinner and so unworthy of the daily grace and mercy that You give. My heart is grateful that You gave your only son so that I may be reunited with You. I am so in love with you. My heart skips a beat thinking of when I will be able to walk the streets in heaven by Your side.
Thank You for putting Tom in my life. You work all things out for your glory and over the past 10 years have turned our home around where You are it’s center. Thank You for my parents and his parents. The love our mothers have for You are the examples we want to build on for our children. Thank You for allowing me to be a mother/ step-mother. Please help me to be an example that will bring You honor and glory.
You are my first love!

Your child,
Please visit Nancy to read more Love Letters to Jesus!


Mamasmurf said...

What a lovely letter -

Thanks for visiting my blog and, yes, God is good!!


Julie said...

You did a wonderful job putting your feelings into that letter. Thanks for sharing. Julie

Renee's Reading Corner said...

This is so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.


momofmhasr said...

God is so good!!!! Thanks for sharing your letter. Your classmate Michelle C

Ginny said...

What a beautiful love letter. I can feel the emotion and sincerity. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Pure and Sensible said...

I'm sorry if this becomes a duplicate. The last one I submitted gave me an error.

That's pretty much what I wrote, too. Our God is an AWESOME God!!! I like your closing, "Your Child". Leinani


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