Home Schooling ~Part 2~


Home Schooling ~Part 2~

How has your prayer time been going for the following areas: Relationship with God, Husband/Wife Relationship, Daily Living, Ministry Service. Then for each of your children: Academic, Spiritual, Physical & Practical.

Mine has been going well. God has open doors that I need to be aware of next year. One big one is that we could be moving? We want to sell our current home and either built our dream home or buy a foreclosed home in our area and turn it in 2 years. I need to be flexible with the fall season and use local resources to help me in some areas (History & Science).

I also have been reminded by Tamara over at Training Heart. Please read this post it speaks from the heart to the heart. http://www.traininghearts.com/blog/?p=725

Ministry: God has put on my heart a Ministry to young ladies (1st-5th grade). Both of my girls fall into this age group. I also teach this age group on Tuesday's. This age group is pounded in so many ways from this world. Pop culture has made them their new target. I can hear it in how they talk to each other, the way they walk and the way they look. So I am in search of some great material to use as an additional resources in the classes I plan on teaching in the fall.

Spiritual: The girls and I have done a wonderful Kay Aruther study this year and I am seeking something as good or even better.

Academic: We use A Beka for Phonics, Reading, Language, Spelling and Arithmetic. This works well for us. I am in search of a new copy book. We have been using MFW (My Father's World): Explores to 1850. I have just been blessed in so many ways. But the next time period we are studying is not recommended to use with a 2nd grader. Do I adjust their plan or find something different?

I will continue to pray over these areas and seek God's direction. I pray also that God is direction you planning for the up coming year.


MrsMomma said...

Trina, I've heard that Polished Cornerstones is a really good Bible Study for girls. I haven't seen it in person, though. You can look for it on Amazon or Doorposts.

I'm struggling with what I want to do next year with our school curriculum, too. I don't know which way I want to go, with either of my kiddos right now.


Anonymous said...

This is my first time visiting your blog and it is really encouraging. I'll be back. Have a blessed day.

Speaking from the Heart said...

I love the girl swinging back and forth. Where did you get it?

Renee's Reading Corner said...

Just stopped by to say "hello". This is a wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing.


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