It's Monday

I hope this finds you well, I have needed to take a break from blogging this past two weeks. My families needs always comes before my blogging fun. I am back now so on to my Monday Meanderings. Please do visit Tiany to know more about Monday Meanderings.
Bible: The girls and I will work on the first 4 versus of James chapter 4.
To do's:
Monday ~ Clean Floors / Prepare for Timothy / walk 3 miles
Tuesday ~ Timothy & Piano
Wednesday ~ Library / Laundry & Ironing / walk 6 miles
Thursday ~ Work on plains for colonial building / dust & clean bedroom / walk 6 miles
Friday ~ Clean Floors / Make material list for colonial building / walk 3 miles
Saturday ~ Laundry & Ironing / walk 6 miles
Monday: Grilled fish w/ veggies (girls chicken & veggies)
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken w/ veggies
Wednesday: Grilled fish w/ veggies (girls chicken & veggies)
Thursday: Grilled fish w/ veggies (girls pasta)
Friday: Grilled Chicken & pasta
Saturday: Turkey Burgers
This week's big event is Scottlyn playing the piano for the Timothy Talent Show on Tuesday. She will play the same songs that she will be playing in the state piano finals in May.

Growing in HIM,



Karen said...

My husband really likes grilling when he can. Grilled meat tastes so good! There's such a big difference between grilled steak and hamburgers than when you cook them on the stove or in the oven!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

Your menu looks great as always. I have cut back on my blogging also. For some reason, I felt the need to blog everyday and I didn't start out that way in the beginning. I'm going back to square one. It's so much less time consuming and my home loves it. Have a blessed day!

Lisa said...

Good Luck to Scottlyn! I am sure she will do well. Menu sounds yummy and healthy since all items are grilled. You go healthy chick!

LisaWA said...

You are a busy lady! The menu does look and... we love to grill too! Clean up is so much easier! *Ü*

I have been slowing my blog time too and its killing me!! I needed to refocus last week.... but its hard because I have met so many wonderful people on here and I have missed visiting blogs most!

Have a great week!


Christina said...

I had been taking a break of sorts since Jan. Sometimes it's best just to step back and refocus.

Wow, your menu sounds so good, grilled food always tastes so good. Have a blessed week.

tamlovesran said...

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Your week sounds great, and your menu sounds so yummy! That is great that you are walking so much! Way to go!!


Renee' said...

Your week sounds great and your menu plan tasty! Have a wonderful week!



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