Monday . . .

Bible Study & Devotions: The Girl's and I will continue with our James Study. Personally: Beth Moors new Bible Study: Stepping Up.

To Do's:
  • Monday~ Pack car for Timothy, go for a walk w/girls
  • Tuesday~Timothy & Piano
  • Wednesday~American Girl Book Club
  • Thursday~Atlanta Opera, Show n Tell w/ friends
  • Friday~ Soap Making Class, pack for weekend at in-laws


  • Monday ~ laundry / ironing
  • Tuesday ~ Bathroom's
  • Wednesday ~ Living Room
  • Thursday ~ School Room
  • Friday ~ laundry/Ironing

Train them up:I am reading the book "Heart of Wisdom" as I prepare for next year. I am seeing that the time we spend in the word of God could and needs to become deeper.

Prayer Request & Praises: Please can you keep my father in your prayers. Last year he had two strokes. We think he may have had a small one 4 weeks ago. He will be getting the results from the test the week that he had three weeks ago. Also, Scottlyn played the piano @ our local college Saturday afternoon. She was judge on her skills on the piano. She played two classical pieces from memory. The person who is judging her is the head of the Music department at the college. This college has a very intense music program and hold high standers. Well, she got the highest rating and was selected to go and preformed at the state level in May. She will be playing at UGA in Athens. Thank you for your prayers for and please keep her in your prayers as she begins to prepare for the next level.

Menu Planning:

  • Monday~ Peach Salsa Tilapia w/ veggies
  • Tuesday~ Chicken salad
  • Wednesday~ Tilapia w/ veggies
  • Thursday~ Chicken & pasta
  • Friday~ Spaghetti
  • Saturday~ In-laws

Thank you all so much for your comments, your prayers mean so much to me. I pray that God will bless you in all that you do this week.

Growing in HIM,


Paul and Christy said...

What a great post. I need to get more detailed. I just said a prayer for your father and Scottlyn. Hope you have safe travel to your inlaws. Have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

Love the post, I haven't heard of Hearts of Wisdom, I will need to check it out. Our bible time could be so much better! Will pray for your father.

Blessing Hill said...

What a wonderful job your daughter did on the piano - congratulations to her! Hope you have a great week!

devildogwife said...

Congrats to you daughter. This awesome! Saying a prayer for her and your father. Have a blessed week!

MamaBugs said...

Just saying hi to all my fellow Monday Meanderers! Will be praying for your dad's health.Have a blessed week friend!

He is Risen!

Anonymous said...

HI Trina,
Congrats to your daughter. Great job!

I will be praying for your father.

Your menu looks great. I'm reading the Heart of Wisdom also.
How do you like your Beth Moore study? I have done several of hers and love them.

Wishing you a great week.


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