Homeschool Memoirs: #3 Routines

So far participating in the Homeschool Memoirs Weekly Meme has been so encouraging! What I love is reading what others are doing this year and getting fresh ideas from them. I am so excited about this week’s theme, Homeschool Memoirs: Homeschool Routines. Let's just say I am a FREAK when it comes to schedules. You could even look at it as an OCD disorder.
This week’s theme is:

This week please post what your planned home school routine is. The theme banner should give you some ideas on how to do that. I had fun making that and adding in really info (except for the times! lol). When you’re done posting your routines please share your prayers for this school year, and then sign the linky so others can visit.
Here is what or days look like:
5:30 ~ Up and out the door for my mourning walk. (everyday but Sunday & Tuesday)This is my time to unwind and talk to the Lord.
6:30 ~ Back Home: shower and dress.
7:00 -8:00 ~ Girls wake up, get dress, make bed and eat breakfast. I'm putting away the dishes from the night before and start a load of laundry if needed.
8:00 ~ We are all down stairs and ready to start school. We start by saying the pledge to the American Flag, Christian Flag and to the Bible. We sing or listen to our History song for that week. Read our bible passage and memorize our scripture verse. The first 6 weeks of school we learned Psalm 103. We are still reviewing that and working on leaning The Gettysburg Address.
8:30 - 12:30 ~ Shalyn dose piano for about 30-40 minutes (the piano is in our school room) and Scottlyn works on Arithmetic. Then Scottlyn starts her piano for about an hour (she will also have another hour of practicing in the afternoon). I work with Shalyn on Language, Phonics, Spelling, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. When Scottlyn is done with piano she works on: Spelling & Language.
12:30-1:00 ~ LUNCH (Wednesday we have lunch with daddy because he works that night)
1:00 -1:30 ~ The girls do their daily chores (I love EDU Track . . . they have a wonderful chore chart that I can design for my homes needs)
1:30 - 2:15 ~ History: we cuddle up on my BIG chair in 1/2 and I read to them. The back down stairs to do any map work for that day.
2:15 - 2:45 ~ Latin
3:00-4:00 ~ Finish up any left over daily chores. Start dinner.
4:30-5:15 ~ Daddy's comes home! We all greet him with Hugs and Kisses!
5:30-6:30 ~ Dinner
8:00 ~ It's the girls bed time. Scottlyn loves to read. So this is when she dose her literature reading for about an hour. Shalyn will read for maybe 30 minutes before she falls asleep.
10:00 ~ I try to go to bed.
BTW ~ I am off and on the computer when I get a free minuet. Most of the times the girls just need me in the room so that they can stay focus.
On Mondays we have piano from 10-11 and we just take our school work with us. While one girl is taking lesions, I am in the car working with the other one. Daddy is mostly off on Thursday and we can get our mourning school done while he sleeps in. That day if we don't get to the afternoon part we will finish it up on Saturday. Daddy works on Saturday mornings. Other then that this is what our week looks like everyday except for Tuesdays. On Tuesday we go to Timothy Ministry. We are out the door by 6:45. The girls have classes from 8 - 2 with a lunch break at noon. I teach also the same hours their. Starting next Tuesday we will go from Timothy to Choir. Choir will be from 3 to 5. Also once a month we have Meet & Share with 4 other home school families. This happens in the afternoon on the second Wednesday of the month. Each child shares two or three things that they have been working on to the group. We rotate homes each month and I must confess that I think the mom's look forward to this as much as the children do. We also sometimes will do field trips together.
My prayer for this school year:
Thank you for this blessing to teach my children at home. I know that you have in trusted me with them. May I honor you in all that I do. Please guide me through this year. Help me to better understand my girls so that I can meet their needs in all areas: spiritually, physical, mental and emotional. Lord, I believe that you have a purpose for them, may this year draw them closer to you. I rest my hopes for them in in Your hands and ask that you continue to keep my family humble, growing stronger daily in our love for You.

In HIS Mighty Love,

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, And great shall be the peace of your children. Isaiah 54:13

Want to see what other homeschool moms' routines are like?


devildogwife said...

Looks like you have a great working schedule. My eyes are not open at that time in the morning. ;) Your prayers was very nice. Have a blessed week.

SmallWorld at Home said...

Wow! 5:30 a.m.!! I love early mornings but I have given up trying to get up before 7!

MrsMomma said...

Oh, I love early morning walks! Perfect time to talk with God!

tonsofsons said...

You all sound busy! Sounds like a great plan! Have a blessed year!

Julie said...

I enjoyed reading your routine and especially liked your prayer. Have a super week.

SmallWorld at Home said...

In answer to your question: my son just started taking classes at the community college this year, at age 15 (he's a sophomore). He gets both high school and college credit at the same time. Can't beat that! I imagine your local CC has a similar program, wherever you are!

Sherry said...

I'm up at 5:30 for my daily time with God. It helps the day. I love your walk with God though. Neat idea!

Kris said...

As I've been reading people's schedules, I've noticed that a lot of ladies get up at 5:30. I'm starting to think that I must have God's undivided attention at 9:00 when I'm having my quiet time. LOL

Enjoyed reading your schedule.

Blessedw5mom said...

Wow! 5:30, really? Sometimes I am up to nurse a child at that hour ... good for you getting up to walk and talk with our Lord! Thanks for sharing your schedule!


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