The Simple Woman's Daybook ~ 2

FOR TODAY September 1, 2008

Outside My Window I see the leaves starting to fall, makes be feel peaceful.

I am thinking about how everything I need to do today. I need to make a list so I can check it off. I pray the rain holds off so I can stain my front porch this afternoon.

I am thankful for my husband. He provides for this family of ours and I am so blessed to say I am his WIFE.

From the kitchen I will be making a new "Healthy" spinach dip. (I will share recipe if it taste good next week)

I am wearing Black NIKE shorts and gray NIKE t-shirt.

I am creating my final plans for History class tomorrow. I rented a Civil War, it is filled with all sorts of amazing things. It even has a Union & Confederate uniform for the boys to try on. Along with two dresses that the girls would have worn back then. I hope my children will love touching and feeling all this incredible history as much as I do.

I am staying at home today. But this week is filled up with exciting new adventures.

I am reading "Homeschooling with a . . . Meek and Quite Spirit" by Teri Maxwell

I am praying and praising God for the safety of the Gulf Cost and thanking Him that my aunt is OK down in Cayman Brac. The only damage to my grandparents had was a few windows blown out on the west side.

I am hearing "June Bug" snore and my girls working hard on their Arithmetic. I know it is a holiday and we are doing school. Daddy's at work until noon. We should we done by then.

Around the house my my son up stairs sleeping . . . poor thing is sick with the flu. I have started laundry for the day and I need to vacuum the floors.

One of my favorite things is eating dinner as a family. Reece dose not have school today so he will be home for dinner! I think I will make us Tortilla Chicken Soup. That should also help him feel better.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Timothy is tomorrow: Civil War Trunk in History Classes. Boarding House Waffles for my American Girl Kit class. One of my dear friends from High School will be visiting Atlanta this weekend, I am hoping we can get together. If it doesn't rain on Friday, I would like to take the girls on a hike. Also our bulldog will be having puppies sometime this week. This will be a first for the girls and I to see. She will have to have a c-section. But we have never seen new born puppies before.

Here is the picture I am sharing...This is of the girls at the beach on our family vacation last month. They were picking up seashells!

In HIS Mighty Love,

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, And great shall be the peace of your children. Isaiah 54:13


marye said...

that is a wonderful image!
I enjoyed reading your daybook..I love history too, and all my kids have enjoyed it as well...not so much with math!

Sandra said...

I enjoyed reading your daybook :)

My Daybook Entry

Judy said...

I love that book!! Every summer I try to read it. Unfortunately, I let someone borrow it and they lost it. I am going to have to get another copy.
Have a great week : )

Mrs. C said...

I enjoyed reading your Daybook entry! The Maxwell's books have been a real encouragement to me through the years. :)


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