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Making your home sing Mondays

"Making Your Home Sing Monday." It's a day when we share what we are doing to bless our families in our home. If you would like to join in, click here.

Well it's that time of year again where I need to update the girls chore charts. This is how I "Make My Home Sing!" week after week.  Chores are broken down by day for each girl. This helps them to know what they need to do around the house. This is beside making their bed, getting dress and brushing their teeth each mourning. It is placed into a clear page proctor along with a dry eraser maker. It is stored on the side of the refrigerator for easy excess. To make the from I use Edu Track (I can not say enough about how this product helps me not just with home schooling but with the running of my home!!!)

Pictures & List:

Shalyn's Chores:

  1. Empty Trash (bath/bed rooms)
  2. Feed Dog's
  3. Clean Your Bathroom
  4. Set Table
  5. Dust Rails
  6. Refill Toilet Paper in both Bathrooms
  7. Pick up your bedroom
  8. Put away Silverware
  9. Pick up Dog pop in yard
  10. Practice Piano
  11. Read for 1 hour
  12. Vacuum Bedroom

Scottlyn's Chore's:

  1. Empty Trash (2 BIG trash can's in our home)
  2. Practice Piano
  3. Clean Mama's bathroom
  4. Set table
  5. Clean out trash from both cars
  6. Dust stair rails
  7. Clean  your bedroom
  8. Read for 1 hour
  9. Feed Dogs
  10. Pick up dogs poop in yard
  11. Vacuum Bedroom

Growing in His hands,

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, And great shall be the peace of your children. Isaiah 54:13


momstheword said...

I loved your post. I am all about having children do chores. It helps teach them a work ethic, as it teaches them to work whether they want to or not!

They learn to get satisfaction out of being productive and accomplishing something! Not to mention it helps the house stay cleaner.

Thank you for linking up today. I am hoping to feel better tomorrow and get things back together around here!

E @ Scottsville said...

I am going to have to get some lists like that going for this summer for my kiddos! They'll be home all day every day, so we'll give them some constructive stuff to DO! Lists always help me, so I'm sure it'll help them.

He And Me + 3 said...

THat is awesome. I will have to check those out because I do chore charts too but yours are much cooler.

DarcyLee said...

What a good mom you are! I love this idea and agree with momstheword, we have to teach our kids responsibility as well as a good work ethic, which is missing in so many of our kids these days. Great post.

Pam said...

I love this system that you have created.
It seems like an easy and efficent way to get chores done with out nagging.

Erin said...

My children have always done chores...we made more adjustments when they came home from traditional school to become homeschoolers. I think you have to be flexible and understanding when change needs to come.

Rhonda said...

Yes, chore charts are great! They help our home run much more smoothly. I also keep ours in a clear page protector and use dry erase markers. This makes our chart last for ages!!

Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

We are just now starting a chore chart! I hope it works this well for me!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

I used to keep a chore chart. But not so much now. I found that it was a little bit difficult for me to keep up with. I just don't do schedules very well. Maybe I'll start one again. I love yours!

I'm going to have to check out Edu Track. I need to start using something next year in order to start getting ready for that all important High School Transcript.

Take care my friend!
Hope you are doing well!


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