Today, we had a NEW Publix open just 1 mile down the road from our house. We were so EXCITED. I should also say that both my husband and I grew up in Florida. Publix is a wonderful grocery store. On opening night they were having a cartoonist doing sketches. We all had ours done . . I hope you enjoy viewing them . . .they are funny!

Hers turned out beautiful!

Does her smile look just like mine or what?!?!

He looks like a Elmer Fudd . . . just needs his GUN!!!

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, And great shall be the peace of your children. Isaiah 54:13



He & Me + 3 said...

I wish we had a publix near us. Those caricatures are so cute. How fun.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Ha ha! Those are so cool! I think yours looks really good too. :-)

I know, I'm excited about the Publix too. But you could just about WALK there, couldn't you? :-) Have a great weekend!

Samantha said...

We moved to Florida a little over 4 years ago and I say that Publix is my favorite thing about the state! It truly is the most wonderful grocery store I've ever had the pleasure to shop at, although we've never had caricatures at ours.

IllinoisLoriH said...

Very fun! We had our boys' caricatures done a few years back at our County Fair, I love them!

When we vacation in Florida, we shop at Publix...they are nice! (We're in Chicagoland now.) My favorite vacation grocery store was in South Carolina...a "Piggly Wiggly." I thought that was just in the movies!

God Bless,
Lori (aka Plans4You and Serenity in the Suburbs)

Miranda said...

Those are so cute, Trina!!
I've heard good things about Publix-wish we had one around here.
I hope you all have a wonderful week-end!

Rhonda said...

Trina: Sorry I posted my comment under Miranda's account. That is not the first time it has happened, lol.
Anyway, the message was from me,not her of course. :)

Pam said...

Those sketches are so neat. I love Publix. They are my favorite store!

Nikowa@KHA said...

AWESOME! They did a great job!!!!!

Five Moms & A Blog said...


Thanks for stopping by the 5 Moms today. It was nice of you to comment.

Kim from Canada said...

I have never heard of Publix - it sounds like it is even better than Walmart by the commenters. Great sketches. Art for the living room? Definately something to keep for memories.


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