The Little Sissy

This is Shalyn . . . she is my baby. But this child thinks she is just as BIG as her sister (there are 2 1/2 years difference in age). She is a girl who takes charge, a leader of the pack, I already know how to do that, kind of girl. She is a love bug. Her heart belongs to God. Like her big sister she loves to dance. She has just learned how to read on her own and wants to read all the time. Asking her daddy to bring home more books so she can read. She has a creative side to her as well. She can be found writing, drawing or making something. She also loves to play with her American Girl dolls. On Sundays after church she gives mommy a make-over and a spa. (I know I am in for it: she loves make-up) She will be my fashionable child. As you can see the are dressed alike, I try to do this as much as I can. They also like it :)!
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