The Week in Review

Here is a recap of our week:

Monday: We sold our pop-up camper! This is a blessing. We have had it for two years now and have just loved it. But this summer we went away for a week in it. It was a great trip. But we realized that we would like more room and a camper that has a BATHROOM in it. We hope to find one in the spring.

Tuesday: Timothy went well . . . I told my 8:00 (Preparing Your Heart for Christmas) class that I would be teaching an American Girl class in the spring. There are 8 sweet young ladies in this class and all of them seamed so excited. Scottlyn got her Christmas piano recital song at piano. This year she will be playing at our local mall. Her song is "What Child is This."

Wednesday: We went to our American Girl Book Club meeting. There are 15 girls in it. This year we are reading Josefina. This month we made homemade tortillas and also discussed "Josefina Learns a Lesson". That afternoon we saw the movie "Jane Eyre" this is a great movie, one I would love to own. Maybe I can get it for Christmas?

Thursday: Daddy was off! We went for a drive up to the land we bough in the spring. It is just the next county north of us. The land is just under 2 acres. It sits on top of a mountain, covered in trees! There is only one other house on our street. It is very quite. Lord willing we would like to be moving up their this time next year. We also meet a family at a local restaurant. They were so nice, they even invited us to their church. The Lord is already at work helping us find a new church home.

Friday: We are finishing up our study of the First 12 Colonies and we are going to make peach cobbler for dinner tonight in honor of Georgia. You see, we are not pie or cobbler people. We are more of cake and cookie people. So Tom ask for ice cream to go with the cobbler tonight. It is also Shalyn's night to cook. Both girls cook with me once a week.

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