Monday Meanderings

Bible Study: Continue with Beth Moore "David 90 Days with a Heart Like His"Family: "Boy, Have I got Problems" Learning James 2: 17-20 (we had a short week last week and didn't cover this set of scriptures)

  • Monday: Laundry
  • Tuesday: Dust Bed Rooms
  • Wednesday: Kitchen
  • Thursday: Front Porch
  • Friday: Floors
Things to do:
  1. Finish B&N List for Christmas and turn in by Tuesday
  2. Prep for Advent . . . starts Sunday.
  3. Prep for LAST day of Timothy
  4. Finish Timothy schedule for girls and turn it in.
  5. Make Advent Wreath.
  6. Buy & plant flowers on front poach
  7. Find matching hair ribbons for girls Christmas dresses.
  8. List E bay items.


  • Monday: Cheese Chicken w/ egg noddles (in crock pot) & broccoli
  • Tuesday: Soup & left overs
  • Wednesday: Spaghetti w/ ground turkey & garlic bread
  • Thursday: Bake Potato Bar
  • Friday: Pizza
  • Saturday:Chicken Fried Rice

I made this recipe on Sunday with the last bit of left over Turkey (it calls for chicken).

Chicken Enchiladas

2 large chicken breasts, cooked, cut into bite size pieces

1 onion, chopped

2 cup grated cheese

1 4.5 oz can green chile's-chopped

2 cans cream of mushroom soup

16 oz. sour cream

1 package tortilla shells

chopped jalapenos - to taste

Dump everything together in a large bowl, reserving 1 cup of cheese for the top, and mix well. Spread a little of the mixture on the bottom of your casserole dish. Fill each tortilla shell, roll, place in casserole dish. When dish is full spread remaining mixture on top of tortilla shells, then sprinkle reserved grated cheese on top of that. Cook at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until bubbly.

So easy - So good!

I am looking for some recommendations of good books that you might have read. It is that time of year when my husband gets a special discount at his work. ( I have not even spoke about where he works before: He is the General Manager of our local Barnes and Noble. It's a Homeschool Mom's dream come true:)!) I do try to get several books to read personally the first half of the year @ Christmas. So please leave a comment about your favorite book and if you even know the ISBN number leave it too. It could even be a book you are longing to read. Thank you for taking the time to help me out.

Have a Blessed week!

Growing in Him,



Blessed Mom said...

Trina you're an awesome woman I so enjoy visiting your site to "see" how things are going.


Debbie said...

How are you like the Beth Moore? I saw that today at Sams Club. Your have a wonderful week planned ahead. Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving Time.


Jean said...


The Chicken enchilada looks good. My Sunday School class is about to start The Tabernacle by Beth Moore. I am excited about the study. You might like the Congealed Strawberry Salad recipe, which I posted on my Menu Plan Monday blog.

Have a blessed week,
Speaking from the Heart

Renee's Ramblings said...

The enchiladas look delicious!

Pam said...

Those enchiladas look good. I am going to have to try them. If you like fiction, I really enjoyed The Boleyn Inheritance.

lori said...

You have got the BEST header in the blog world!! I know I've told you that before...but it's just soooo cute!!

The enchiladas look delish!

ahhhh, what a dream...books galore!!
I will think of some of my faves!

have a wonderful week!

and PLEASE use the gift...
it's such a GREAT visual!

Rhen (yestheyareallmine) said...

Oooh, your week looks great. I like the way you split your zone up into days. That is a great idea!

Candi said...

Sounds great! I bookmarked the enchilada recipe. That looks and sounds great! What a great way to use up the turkey. Although, we don't have much left because we had a turkey breast.

Angela said...

I have some ebay to list too. I LOVE Beth Moore, she has some great studies. Hope you have a great week!


Tiff said...

OOHHH that looks really good. I have a huge bag full of turkey! I think I might make this for dinner tonight!

MamaBugs said...

You have been given the Spirit of Christmas Award. Stop by my blog for info about the award!

Karen said...

The Chicken Enchiladas sound really good. I might have to try that recipe here pretty soon.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea to make Turkey Enchiladas!!

For book recommendations, my two absolute favorite books are "Shadow of the Almighty" by Elisabeth Elliot and "The Practice of Godliness" by Jerry Bridges. Those are books I read every year or two.

Thanks for your prayers for my son. I'm sure things will turn out fine but worrying about my kids is just in my job description!!

Have a great week!!

MrsMomma said...

What kind of books do you like? I can recommend several. I recently read and really liked Facts of Life by Lisa Whelchel.


tonsofsons said...

I want that Beth Moore study for Christmas. Have a great week preparing for Advent.


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