My Second Award

Look at what I have been blessed to receive today! I feel so special, thank you Heather from "Mrs. Momma" What a privilege it is to be able to call you my friend. Please check out her blog. So much good useful information on it. I am blessed every time I visit. {{HUGS}}

I will lie to past this to is:

Karen @ The S.A.L.T. Blog
What an encourager you have been right from the start of my blogging experience.

Robyn @ Overflowing Grace
Thank you for faithfully visiting my blog and your comments are a blessing.

Have a wonderful day!


Pam said...

Hi Trina, Congratulations on your awards! I enjoy reading your blog also. You asked about my daughters speeach class. Our homeschool group and Toastmasters put together a 1 semester speech class for teens. The text they used was the "Toastmaster's International Youth Leadership Program." It was a wonderful class and well worth the time. Plus, they were able to use it as high school credit. Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks! I've posted about it on my blog with a link back to you. Its cool that we just met a few weeks ago and you already consider me your blogging friend!! A mutual love of Jesus has a way of connecting people, doesn't it??


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