*Home Schooling* ~ Step 1~

Getting Started (Step 1):

Proverbs 3:6 says," In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will establish your plans."

We are half way through my current school year and it is time to start thinking about next year. This may be hard of some of you to do. But if you follow these easy steps that I am about to share with you, I promise that you will well equipped for the next school year. Plus have total peace in all that you do.

Pray, get down on your knees with your forehead to the floor and extend your arms out. (I have been praying like this w/ Beth Moore (Bible study; Stepping Up) the last few weeks and what a difference my prayer time as been). You are seeking God's direction right now. You need to unleash your hold on this school year, give it to Him. During this time which will be the next 3-4 weeks prayer over the following areas. As you pray, you are going to want to have a worksheet that you can fill in your answers. The worksheet will have the following areas on it for you: Relationship with God, Husband/Wife Relationship, Daily Living, Ministry Service. Then for each child you should have 4 columns: Academic, Spiritual, Physical & Practical.

Now lets break this prayer down even more:

Pray about your Family Philosophy and Goals:

  • Ask God to show you what is important to you, how dose He wish you to view your home, how dose He want your children to view your home.

Pray about Academics:

  • What you hope to achieve in each subject-Math, Handwriting, Grammar, Reading, etc.

Pray about Spiritual:

  • Submission of wills, control of tongues, accepts correction, deals with pain and failures, choose companions wisely, respect for others, etc.

Pray about Physical:

  • Healthy eating, play, sports, etc.

Pray about Practical:

  • Includes skills such as tying shoes, making bed, balancing checkbook, planning meals, following good habits, chores, etc.

Pray about Budget:

  • Where will the money come from, will you buy New or used, etc.

The above prayers will help you select curriculum as you will be able to search for curriculum that will meet your needs.

I will keep you in my daily payers.

Growing in Him,


Check back next Tuesday for Step 2.


Renee's Reading Corner said...

Thank you for sharing this! I so appreciate it!

LindaLeeper said...

Wow...this is great stuff!
I'm going to take notes and I'll share how it goes on my blog.
Beth Moore bible studies always change me! I've done four of hers and the Lord always uses them to change me.

Thank you

LindaLeeper said...

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