Monday Meanderings

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Bible Study & Devotions:
The Girl's and I will continue with our James Study.
Personally: Beth Moors new Bible Study: Stepping Up. I will do this M-F and on Saturday: Create in Me a Clean Heart by Dandelion Seeds.

To Do's this week: (We have a FULL week)

Monday: Run through of where classes are for Tuesday

Tuesday: Timothy Starts & Scottlyn has piano

Wednesday: American Girl Book Club

Thursday: Dentist appointment for the girls and I. I need to also plan out the next 2 weeks worth of menu's and make a grocery list.

Friday: Grocery shopping and play date


Monday: School Room & Bedroom's

Tuesday: Bathroom's

Wednesday: Laundry & Ironing

Thursday: Kitchen & Living Room

Friday: Floor's

Train them up: This week we will continue to focus on daily routines and doing our best in all that we do. We will do this for the next few weeks as we tweak out schedule. I also want them to learn how to pray better. By helping them to understand that they can talk to as we talk to each other.

Prayer Request & Praises:

My son Reece did get a job and started last week. He dose not have to go to college this session. He could not get into the one he wanted to go to and was enrolling into one near by. This way he would not loose his HOPE scholarship. He found out Monday that he could wait and get into the college he wants to in March and still have is HOPE. PRAISE the LORD!

Please continue to pray for my mother as she recovers from the past two weeks of working nonstop.

Pray for me and the 48 kids I teach on Tuesday: My heart wants to be open to them and help them to understand what it is I am teaching and mostly for them to see God in what we learn. I am teaching 3 American Girl Felicity classes and 2 Sing, Spell, Read & Write classes.

Menu Planing:

Monday: Chicken Pot Pie

Tuesday: Shane's Rib Shack

Wednesday: Roast Beef Soup

Thursday: Taco Pie

Friday: Pizza

Saturday: Chicken & Rice

Recipe to share:

Chicken and Dressing Casserole

Cover the bottom of a casserole dish with cut up cooked chicken.

Mix together:

1 stick butter, melted

1 can cream of mushroom soup, undiluted

1 cup sour cream

Pour over cooked chicken. Top with 1 box of Stove Top Stuffing (chicken flavor) and seasoning packet. Pour 1 cup warm water over the stuffing and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

I made this last week and it was a HIT! Everyone ask if I would double the recipe next time so there would be leftovers. My family is not a leftover family, so if they request it, it must be good. My son said " it's like Thanksgiving dinner all in~one dish. I served a side salad with the casserole.

This recipe is from "The Ultimate Mommy Menu Planner by Cindy Rushton" It can be found in the section by Wendy Dewerse. I order the Organized Moms Super Set! I just lover it! I have only been able to print out and put in a binder the "Mommy Menu Planner", so many great recipes and wonderful planning tools. A must for anyone who wants menu ideas and doesn't want to invent the wheel. Why do that when this is here for you to use.

Also, I got two whole chickens two weeks ago from COSTCO and froze them. I boiled one last week and got 3 meals from it. They were: Home made Chicken Noddle Soup ( I use the chicken stock from the chicken I boiled), the casserole and a pot-pie that I will make tonight. We did have leftovers from the soup and were able to reheat and finish the soup off Sunday night.


Karen said...

Sounds like a busy week! Hope you have a great week!

Angela said...

Good luck this week!!! Hope you get lots accomplished!!! :-)

I will continue to pray for your mom and also for you as you teach this week. Praise God for your hubby's new job and God's hand on him!!!


PS That recipe sounds wonderful... I'll probably give it a try!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Judy said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I looked briefly into Dave Ramesy. I have heard really good things about him. Thanks for reminding me of him.

Your menu this week sounds so good...what time should I be over for dinner?

I will put your prayer requests in my journal (and pray for them). Even my husband when we pray lifts up all my requests from the blogs I follow. I had to go back and add a prayer request to my blog (seeing yours reminded me).

Have a great week.


Julie said...

I hope you have a wonderful week and I know you will do great with the teaching. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Julie

Speaking from the Heart said...

Busy, busy, busy. I hope you have a good week. I will keep Reese and your mom in my prayers. Thank you for the recipe. I always have left over chicken don't know what to do with it.

Your sister in Christ.

lori said...

Are you getting SNOW**** I know we won't too far North in Georgia~

WE LOVE those Costco Pot Pies...They are a treat around here! They are SOOOOO great that I usually buy them for a fast company meal, but I didn't use it at Christmas, so this week it is!!

Your recipe sounds great too!
I have been buying chickens and cooking them in the crock pot, saving the stock and using them during the week for meals and soup too...It helps to have it!!

We used to do an American Girl book club you have those books with some of the activities in them...??

Have a great week....

Anonymous said...

Hi Trina. Glad to hear about your son's job. I'm sure he is enjoying having a couple of month off from school. I remember those days in the distant past...

Thanks for the Geography Songs suggestion. I had never heard of that. I'm going to do a little investigating and might get it. My son loves music so this would be a great help in learning the states. Of course he is only 3 so I don't expect him to have all 50 down. But I think being able to point out where family and friends live will be fun for him.

Have a great week friend!!

tonsofsons said...

I am doing the Beth Moore devotional, David. Also, I have planned to do Create in me a clean heart, too. Great idea to do on Saturday.

I also love Cindy Rushton.

Angela said...

Wow, you have a big week ahead. Your menu looks great, have a great week!



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