Week 2: For God in not the author of confusion . . .

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This is so true . . . after 37 years I can say"I have PEACE in my heart, so my ears are open to here God speak to me." To live in the moment is so hard to do. To be able to focus just on today and not on tomorrow. To have total faith in God and to feel His spirit around you. This is the place I am in my life right now. The more I spend with Him the more I grow towards Him. It has taken so long to get to here. To mature and hunger for more.

We visited another NEW church this Sunday. We like it so much that we are even going to visit it again. This is a great sign! The girls actual study even learned a Bible verse in Sunday School. Tom and I enjoyed the service and we are going to take Reece with us next Sunday and have him check it out. Please keep us in your prayers. Have a blessed week!

Growing in Him,

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