It's Monday . . . .

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Bible Study & Devotions: The Girl's and I will continue with our James Study. Personally: Beth Moors new Bible Study: Stepping Up. I will do this M-F and on Saturday: Create in Me a Clean Heart by Dandelion Seeds.
To Do's:
Monday~ June Bug goes to the Vet.
(hopefully we will find out how many puppies she will be having)
Tuesday~Timothy (BIG day this is the Ball for my Felicity classes) & Piano
Wednesday~Maybe a play date with friends
Thursday~ Help Tom more w/ the Kitchen
Friday~Finish up stuff for the consignment sell next week.
Cleaned a lot on Sunday due to the dust from the Fireplace. It needed cleaning out from the winter. We have been in the low 70's this weekend and SPRING is in the air.
I have to tag all my stuff for the consignment sell next week and would like to have this done by the weekend. Also want to tackle my side of the closets. It's messy!
Train them up: I want to spend more time reading before bed with the girls. I have let is slip and need to be more consistent. They enjoy it and I cherish it.
Prayer Request & Praises: Please can you keep my father in your prayers. Last year he had two strokes. We think he may have had a small one 3 weeks ago. He had test last week and will not know what they said until two more weeks. Even thought may parents and I live in the same city. They live on one side and I on the other. The traffic is a nightmare, it make it hard to see each other during the week. I wish they would take us up on the offer and move in with us.
Menu Planning: The kitchen remodel is almost done. Tom is painting all the cabinets and draws. There are a total of 7 draws and 21 doors. It took him just today to do 2 draws and 4 cabinet doors. This will take some time. I am going to go ahead a post pictures on Mary's Show n Tell Friday. So please come back and see my husbands wonderful handy work on Friday!

Monday~ Spaghetti
Tuesday~ Tilapia w/ rice and veggies
Wednesday~ ???
Thursday~ Peach Salsa Tilapia w/rice & veggies
Friday~ Pork tenderloin & veggies
Saturday~ Chicken & veggies
Thank you so much for visiting me and your comments touch my heart.
May God bless you as you have blessed me.


tamlovesran said...

Have a great week!

Julie said...

We painted our kitchen cabinets in our old does take forever, I hope it goes well for your dh. Have a super week and I'll keep your father in my prayers. Julie

Lisa said...

Sounds like a wonderful busy week! Enjoy!

Tafy Sills said...

Hello! Thank you for dropping by. I will try to post pics of the pattern my DD is using on her pillowcase. I am working on the flat sheet. We are using the same pattern. The patterns are iron on. I have a wonderful MIL who bought these patterns from a sewing & notions store that went out of business. The name of the pattern company is "Aunt Martha's". There is an web address on the back. The address is as follows. I haven't checked this website out yet. I just discovered it when I looked at the package right this minute. I am excited I found it. I will get my in-laws camera and get the pics posted ASAP. I will take pics of the finished product, too.
Have a wonderful, blessed day.

Tafy Sills from Blackberry Lane Farm

Blessing Hill said...

Can't wait to see your husband's handiwork this Friday. Remodeling the kitchen is such an undertaking. Keep us updated on the puppies. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

What great goals for the week. I love your menu, such variety. Maybe I should eat at your house :)

The four little penguins say: said...

Hi! What a beautiful family you have! What is tilapia?

MamaBugs said...

Praying for your dad! How do you manage to cook while doing a remodel? Amazing! Have a wonderful week friend!

Training Hearts said...

Just stoppin' by to let you know that I was thinking of you :)

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Your menu looks great. I can't wait to see your finished kitchen.


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