Scottlyn's Chinese Brush Painting


Tina said...

These are beautiful! My 12yod loves chinese brush painting and would love to take a class. I am hoping to find one for her.

Speaking from the Heart said...

Awesome!!! I see an art gallery around the corner. My cousin started painting flowers just for fun. Her collection is now in demand.

Enjoy this beautiful weather.

Shani said...

Oh, these are beautiful! It looks like she has a real talent for this artform. Tell her well done from Arizona! :)

Have a lovely weekend,

Rhonda said...

Tell Scottlyn: Those are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love those-good job.
Mystery of History is one of my all time favorite curriculums ever. This is my 7th year of home educating my children so I've used lots of books and I love MOH. Volume 1 was wonderful. I joined the yahoo group and was able to download (for free!) all of the timeline figures. (I have now done the same thing for Vol. 2). Our timeline turned out great and I made it close to the authors recommendations except I used a fold-out presentation board instead of a sewing board. I did not purchase the cd but I am sure it would make some aspects of it easier but in our case it was not necessary.
Linda Hobar is a very talented writer and she absolutely wrote MOH with a strong Biblical perspective. She is very respectful of other cultures and religions but she truly honors God the Creator and Jesus the Saviour. I can not recommend it more highly!! If you have any other questions, please let me know. :)


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