Homeschool Memoirs #9: The Daddy's Chick's Family

This week’s theme is about your family. Don’t worry. I’m not going to make you write a long essay about all the great things your family does. Just something little diddy that I know everyone will have fun with!
Watch the youtube video below and then take this song and add your own words, about your family. The end of the first three lines should rhyme. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!
Lryics to “A Homeschool Family“

Daddy is the King,
Mommy is the Queen,
Daddy's Chick's are
a Royal homeschool family.
We are the young ladies,
growing up Godly,
Daddy's Chick's are
a Royal homechool family.

Are days are filled with learning,
loving and laughing,
Daddy's Chick's are
a Royal homeschool family.


Our Castle is our home
here we play and pray all day
Daddy's Chick's are
a Royal homeschool family.
We never will never forget
where all our blessing come,
because He is the
Daddy's Chick's are
a Royal homeschool family.


Wandering No More said...

Wasn't that fun? You did a great job. I played along too..

tammy said...

Wonderful!! :)

Michelle said...

Great Job!!


Speaking from the Heart said...

Amen. You did a great job!!

Shawnee said...

Great job!

MrsMomma said...

Great job! This was so fun!

SuperAngel said...

great job! that was so neat to read about your family!
Prayers and Blessings,
Miss Amanda

SuzyScribbles said...

Isn't this just the most fun HSM so far? I'm loving reading everybody's lyrics. So fun!
I like your "royal" part.

Anonymous said...

What a fun meme. Hope you have a great rest of the week and weekend.


Anonymous said...

Nicely done. :)


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