Surgery @ 7 AM . . . please pray

I have been missing in the blog world for the past two weeks . . . I have been having some health problems. Now looking back I can see signs of this as far back as six months ago. Because of dear sweet friend (who lives next door to the GYN I have been trying to get into) she was able to call her one night when we were out and explain what was going on. She saw me the next day! As another dear friends said that is just God's timing. Left up to me I would have ignored what my body was telling me even longer. So two Friday's ago I got into see the doctor and found out that I have a Pedunculated Submucous Fibroid Tumor. It dose needs to be removed! This Thursday Nov. 20th @ 7:00 am the doctor will remove it. Please keep me in you prayers, I have never had any type of surgery before and it has me a little on the edge. I do have discomfort and that is taking a toll on Tom. Because of the location of the tumor, I am having back labor. YUCK! Please pray for him (and the kids) . . Over this past weekend I can see he is really worried about me and trying to keep himself busy around the house. His mother just got here and will stay with us until Monday.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

In HIS Mighty Love,


Speaking from the Heart said...


I didn't know you were going through this. My heart aches over your pain. You will be in my prayers. I forgot your home address. Would you please resend it to me?

Love ya,


He & Me + 3 said...

I will say a prayer for you. I had my first surgery 2 years ago and was so nervous, but God is faithful and He is the great physician!

Tina said...

Our family is praying for you. What a blessing to find a doctor who is compassionate! Tina at Morningstar (hSB)

Rhonda said...

Trina: I am praying for you and will pray for a quick healing process! I have missed you this past week or so-I was truly worried about you!
God bless you and let us know how you are when you are able!

devildogwife said...

I just received this, but I'll be praying for a quick, easy recovery. I go in for surgery on Monday, so I understand. (((hugs))) and prayers.


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