All Because Of Jesus, I'm ALIVE . . .

An update is long over due . . . Last week we visited the doctor for a 3 week check-up. I am healing well and will go back in another three weeks to get released to return to normal activity. Both Tom & I returned back to work this week and it is great to be back into the swing of things. Tonight, I am tired and my back hurts from today's activities. But rest is all I have on my plate for the rest of the week. (as I am writing this a friend just dropped off a meal for wed. . . . this was not expected at all . . . thank you Lord!) We want to THANK you all for your prayers, e-mails and cards. The encouragement has meant so much to the both of us.

This past Sunday at church this song was played . I would be putting it mildly by saying that it moved me. As I sang the words "I'm ALIVE because of JESUS, I'M ALIVE!!" tears ran down my face like a water dam that had just exploded. Words could not be more truthful then those words for me right now. But the AWESOME things is that we are all alive because of Jesus . . . all we have to is stretch out our hand and HE is there. May this song speak to you and bless you as it has blessed me.
Resting in HIS arms,


He And Me + 3 said...

So glad to hear an update. God is so good. I had never heard that song before, but it was awesome and I can totally see why it ministered to you. Blessings to you my friend.

Rhonda said...

God is so very, very good to us! I am so thankful that you are healing so well and that things are getting back to more of a normal routine for you all.
I always look forward to your updates!
God bless you!!

Robyn Joseph said...

Dear Trina,
I am so thankful that the Lord is healing you and that He has given you such good care through your doctors as well. It is truly a blessing to see the powerful testimony that you have and the way you share about His love and faithfulness to you and your family through this time in your life. Sarah, Rachel and all of us in the Joseph family are rejoicing with you that the Lord is healing you! He is an awesome God! Keep resting and enjoying the blessings all around you. May God bless you and your sweet family always and keep you in His care.
Love and prayers,
Robyn Joseph


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