BFS Assignment #115 - Prayer Box

Assignment: Tell about your prayer box, if your family has one that you peruse at New Year’s Eve or New year’s Day and share those prayers, thoughts and acts of faith on the next year.

On December 2, I was told that I did have cancer. Our world can to a complete stop and did not start to move again until Dec. 19 when we were told that all the cancer was removed. I cam hoe the next day from the hospital.

My family has always prayed together. I am the one who keeps a journal for us. As a woman I feel strongly that God has given me the best gift and that is the gift to pray. Over the years I have prayed for my husband as he as grown in his faith and as the leader of this family. For my son that God would bring people into his life that would draw him closer to Him. For my girls to begin to grow deep roots of faith when they are young and build the foundation for a lasting relationship with Christ. For myself to be the women, wife, mother and friend that would bring glory and honor to Christ.

When told that I did have Cancer my strength came from the Lord. Everything I felt and said were words that He spoke for me. I could feel Him wrapped around me, the warmness of His hands, the whisper in my ear and He held me tight. Then after the news was given to us that all the Cancer was removed. I took my first breath again and for days afterwards I would fall on my knees and cried like a child. He has give me a gift that I know I do not deserve. I question His judgement knowing all my past sins and ask Him: Why me and not ______? Lord please give ______ this gift, I would plead. For there are many names who deserve to be in the blanks.These are ones my family and I faithfully pray for. This is when our trust in the Lord must be put into action.

Thanks for reading and I am so happy to be back ;}

So here is one of my favorite journals I love to write:

Resting in HIS arms,

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I am so happy for you...God is so good.


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