Our Three Amigo's

Something often overlooked on our blogs is the ‘other’ family member that sleeps at the end of the bed.  We fail to mention our fur children even though they are a huge part of our lives. Is your ‘pet’ is really the king or queen of the house? Maybe you just tolerate having an animal because the husband or kids can’t live without one. Or some of you might be ‘animal free’, take issue with ‘just another responsibility’, or find that you’re deathly allergic to dander. With as much a part of our personal lives as pets tend to be, I figured it would be good to share about our animal friends (or the lack of them).Who doesn’t love looking at furry critters - even if they aren’t your own? Some of us spend more time inhaling them than looking at them (cat belly can be addictive). Let’s not forget the slimy froggies, swimmy fish, feathery birds and other interesting creatures that some keep, also! Do you have an exotic pet to tell about? Or a neat animal story? Have you ever rescued a wild forest animal or had something strange wander up on to your porch? Tell us your pet history. What was your first pet? Which was your most memorable? How about today? How many pets do you have? Do they help or hinder your homeschooling?

Our 4-legged family members:

This is Jessie AKA Jack Russell Rat Terrier. She is Shalyn's dog for the main reason: She is a GREEN dog, before GREEN was in. She likes to eat POOP and I will leave it at that. She also just sits there and lets Shalyn do anything to her that she wants to do.

This is June Bug AKA English Bulldog. It's my sons dog, he's 21 . . . so lets be honest she's really my dog. Scottlyn claims that she is now hers. He breeds her and hopefully she is pregnant again. She is as dumb as she looks . .  but she's so cute!

This is Little Bug AKA English Bulldog. June Bug is her MAMA. Last Fall June Bug had a single puppy and we keep her. The day we brought her home she fit in my hand. Now look at her, she is bigger than Jessie and  as long as her mama. She keeps us on our toes. This is Tom's dog . .  she knows who her master is! 

All three Amigo's together . . . 

I would say that they make our life interesting. They spend each moment with us as we school. They also give the girls added responsibility because they are the ones who feed and take them outside. We love our dogs!



Anonymous said...

OH how fun! Love the faces on these dogs!!! We have cats, but we are looking for a dog. I like the last one photographed. So adorable!!!


Rhonda said...

Oh, Trina, they are so cute!! I laughed at your quote "she is as dumb as she looks but she is cute"-lol!!
I love the posts you've shared on saving so much money too-what a blessing for your family!
I have missed visiting your blog-my computer has been acting up terribly lately and I have not been able to blog much or visit my favorite blogs.
I hope you have a warm and beautiful week-end. We're getting warmer weather too and I love it!


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