Just took Grocery Shopping to a WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL

On Friday, I took another quick trip to Publix for a few things:
  1. 3 ~ 2 liters of Soda
  2. 2 ~ Can-Grape Juice
  3. 2 ~ Boxes of Cheerios
  4. A dozen eggs
  5. 1 ~ box of egg beaters
  6. 2~ Venus Razors (battery kind)

The receipt turned out a little blurry. But I saved $47.00 and they paid me $1.29 to take all that stuff. 

Snap . . .  

Just call me the:


I even found a crown to go with all the money I am saving:

This has become a game for me to see how much I can save each time I go shopping.You can do this too. I started 2 months ago wanting to shave $100.00 off my grocery budget each month. This month it looks like I will shave $250.00 or more off the $600.00 budget. This feeds a family of 5, plus 3 dogs. Grocery shopping like this is a BLAST!!

AKA Mrs. Publix


He And Me + 3 said...

You are a Rock Star Shopper...and my new hero! Do tell the secrets. But I have no publix around me. :(

Anonymous said...

That is INCREDIBLE! Yeah you need to share! :)


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