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So sorry that I have been MIA the past month. We have been very busy with several projects that I will blog about in the next few weeks. The one I would like to share today is sewing . . . .

One thing that you may not know about me is I went to college to become a fashion designer. I did not go after the creative side when I graduated, but worked in retail and helped developed new seasonal lines with the company I was working for as they were changing their target customer. After the birth of my girls I sewed for them off and on. But I often found myself saying that is was cheaper to but the items already made, then it was for me to buy the pattern, materials and my time to make that item.

Last year my sweet mother-in-law bought a sewing machine for Scottlyn and I started teaching her to sew. She sewed a blanket (for her dog) and bag last summer. It was a lot of FUN!! In the fall my mother taught the girls to make rag quilts for their beds.

Then after Christmas we got the sewing machine back out and started sewing again. Now we are so blessed you see because my mother has what you would call generational fabric. That is when the material goes back several generations. This could be both a blessing and a thorn at times. My mother has material as we Home Schooled moms have bookshelves on top of bookshelves of books. But I like to think of it more as a blessing. My mother sews, quilts, knits . . . she is so talented is all that she does. We take our patterns to her house, she will then pull out fabric and tell us stories behind each piece. Which great grand mother bought it and what she had planned on using it for.

Both girls have started to learn how to sew. The younger one needs more help and gets tired quickly. As she grows older she will want to sew more, I think. We are teaching her by letting her sew things for her dog. My oldest is eager to sew her own clothes and she wants to be a blessing to her family one day. Right now she is being a blessing to her mama. Over the past few weeks my mother has helped them sew their Easters dresses. Last week they sewed a tiered skirt, they are planning to wear it on Tuesday and I will post pictures then.

Below are pictures of a skirt I sewed up Sunday afternoon for them. They were busy knitting scarves. The material is what their Great Grandmother bought to sew a dress for me out of. The only cost was a 99 cent pattern and my time. What I gained was time well spent with my mother as she told my girls about the fabric's history . . . I am so blessed to have the mother I have. The t-shirts the girls got for Christmas . . it is outlined in Hot Pink, the skit has little Hot Pink rose buds all over it. They already had black leggings and will change the black out for white when spring comes . . .

Here is a link to the pattern I used:
Have a blessed day,

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, And great shall be the peace of your children. Isaiah 54:13

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Jhona O. said...

Very, very cute!!! I really like the length. They look like they would be fun to twirl in:) That's how my daughter judges a skirt...for it's twirl-ability.


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