Vision Fourm Give Away!

I love Vision Forum . . . I keep it on my nightstand and in my bathroom. (two places I can take a few minutes to drool over, turn down corners top on pages and make a wish list. I am so happy over this contest! Below is the info:

There are a few rules that you have to follow and you can read them here but basically this is the nuts and bolts of it:

1) Go to Vision Forum and download their newest 2008 catalog if you haven't already gotten it in the mail. I'm still waiting on mine -- hey, that's a big deal to a sleuth with eyes that scrunch up when you are staring your computer screen down looking for clues (I already found four, by the way...woo hoo!!)

2) Look through the catalog and pick $150 or less of Vision Forum produced material -- that's the stuff with the logo next to it.

3) Make a blog post with your picks, link to Vision Forum and Life In A Shoe and comment on Kim's blog here. That's it!!

Here's my wish list...

$20 So Much More & Raising Madiden's of Virtue
(To inspire my girls to Godly lady like living)

$20 Passionate Housewives Desperate For God (For me),

$54 Lessons in Biblical Feminity & Grace (6 CD's)
(This is for the 4 of us as we go camping)

$24 each Two Ladylike Nightgowns for Ladylike Girls
(For my girl's on Christmas Eve)

$142 Total

I just started bloging this month, after being just a luker and reading other ladies blogs. I do hope I got this right. Good Luck to everyone!

Growing in HIM,

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Becky said...

I am going to check this out. Your hometown intrigued me as my mom lives in Canton. And my sister in law is a Trina.


Welcome to blogger world. I can't remember where I ran into your link. I think it was GiBee's.


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