The Heart of the Matter

The heart of the Matter is having a great give~away! You can click on this picture:
THOM Magazine

The give~away includes some favorite homeschooling items:
  • loose leaf binders (2)
  • paint can w/ number magnets
  • Oxford Index Card w/ring
  • index card binder
  • 4 posters
  • small chalk board
  • easy view reader
  • modeling clay
  • water paint
  • Lowe's apron (great for art)
  • Graphic Organizers book
  • plus more!
Why would I like to win this? I don't want it for myself. I want to give it away. We have a mom in our homeschool group that just moved to our area this past summer. Her husband is having a hard time finding a job. They have baby #6 due next month. This would be a great gift to give the family. Everyone in the family could use the stuff for some good old fashion art days.

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