WEEK 1: Trustin' Him

The “Create in Me a Clean Heart” is FREE from Dandelion Seeds HERE . (What a blessing this is for me, Thank you.) I am doing this DEVOTIONAL FOR THE DISORGANIZED on Saturday night and will blog about it on Sunday. Our verse for the week is:

As 2008 is here, I reflect on where we are: It would be better said "What Season we are in?" God has been so faith to our family. We have good health, all our basic needs He has provide for us. My husband is blessed with a job he enjoys. I have become content personally in the past year for the first time in my life. My step-son returned home to us this past November. He has been living the past 5 years with his mother. Lord willing he will live with us for a while. I give all the praise to Him, my family is now all under the same roof. A feeling of been whole is running through our home. The girls are happy & healthy.

We are however up rooted as our church home goes. Over the past summer God has changed our hearts as He has lead us away from our old church. We spent the first few months as home spending time in the word. The way we have grown together is priceless. I will always hold that time in my heart. The Spirit has weights heavy and is calling us to find a new church home. We have visit several different church's around us and as I right this we will be visiting somewhere new this mourning. Please keep us in your prayers as we seek God's will in this search.

The thought of selling our home this spring is another BIG event for us.There are a lot of things that we will need to get done in order for this to happen. The area of the country we live in is having a housing drop. There are so many houses for sale here it is crazy. In order to sell our home it would need to be perfect. Please pray for God to open doors for us and show us His will when it come to our home.
Growing in Him,


MrsMomma said...

Praying for you & your family that the decisions made will be the right ones and in God's will.


Tiany said...

You have a wonderful week planned! I took note of your prayer requests, please keep us updated!!

You are the 3rd one I have seen with the chicken pot pie this week, such comfort food! :-)

May you have a very blessed and productive week!

Dandelion Seeds said...

Glad you're joining us! Praying for your family to know the direction God is desiring for you. We've had our house up for sale for over a year (the market is bad where we're at too). May this devotional bless you during this season of change.


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