The Weekend Plans / Recap of the week


God is so AWESOME. I love that feeling when you are in the middle of Him working. I had one of these moments this week and it was AWESOME. God has take two of my dear friends and I and rewoven what we each of us were having doughs about doing next fall. Places us all crossing each others path this past week and then letting us here His spirit speak to us. By weeks end: no more worries about next fall, all of us are filled with excitement with what we will be doing. PRAISE the LORD!

Hubby's home as of Friday night. He has been at his parents since last Saturday laying down New hardwood flooring. I just can't wait to see it. He says their house looks amazing now. He is such a good son, husband, father and friend. He will be off till Monday.

My Aunt from the Cayman Islands is flying in today. She is in town for a week staying at my parents and seeing her doctors. Sunday we are all getting together at my Cousins Sharron's house for lunch and a mean game of spoons. I just learned how to play. It's so much FUN!

The girls are going to a Birthday party this afternoon. They are painting and they will just LOVE IT! We put off History this week and will restart next week. Also Botany was put on hold in December - January. We will start this in February. The cold weather has made it hard to do.

Reece has to work tonight. His job is going well and he is getting a lot of hours right now. He will be off Sunday and joining us. He is the one who turned us on to spoons.

We are revisiting a church we visited two Sunday's ago. Over the past 6 months this is the first church we have wanted to visit again. This time we are trying the earlier service. Please keep us in your prayers about this.

I pray everyone has a blessed weekend and is blessed in all they do.

Growing in Him,


Judy said...

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Have a blessed weekend!

Shari said...

I hope you're able to find a church that fits with your family. I prayed for you. My husband and I were so fortunate. The first church we went to was the right one. What a blessing. They have a good program for the kids and both my husband and I are getting involved.


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