Homeschool Memoirs #10: 10 Timely Facts

The time will be changing again. I think on Sunday but not sure. Anyhow this is our 10th Homeschool Memoirs so this week it’s going to be about 10 timely facts about you! Write 10 interesting, crazy, weird, fun facts about you! Include facts about you as a woman, a wife, a mommy, a homeschooler, a homekeeper, a taxi-driver, a cook, etc .
Here goes . . .
  1. I am 5'9 and have a 36" inseam (all legs). It is an understatement on how I felt when the finally started making LONG lengths is pant sizes.
  2. Struggling with being content about my size . . . I still have baby weight.
  3. Favorite hot tea to drink is "Peach Ginger".
  4. In high school a good friend and I were quoted in the school news paper saying: "If you are going to die, Die with a Tan!" Before children I was Tanning Bed worshiper.
  5. I love to cook and bake! Christmas Cookies are my favorite :)
  6. One of my spiritual gifts is teaching . . . thank you Lord for blessing me with that.
  7. Vera Bradley quilted handbag fan!
  8. I am rarely found with out my laptop.
  9. People might say I am noisy . . . but I just like to know alot about thing and know what is going on with others. Maybe this is because I was an only child. (My parents stopped at perfection ;)
  10. My family and I love to go on long drives in the country together.

There you have it . . . 10 thinks about me! hanks for stopping by and pray you have a blessed Wednesday. Please visit The Homeschool Post for more Timely Facts!

In His Mighty Love,



Rhonda said...

I don't have this meme done yet but I enjoyed reading yours. :)
I hear you about being all legs-I am 5'8 and the same way. Growing up I had a hard time with my pants being long enough and my sleeves too!
I love the part about your parents stopping at perfection. ;)
I hope you are having a wonderful week so far.

SmallWorld at Home said...

"If you are going to die, Die with a Tan!" That is SO classic! I love that!

tammy said...

What a great list! You certainly do have some nice long legs. (I have the short kind!!) I loved your high school quote and your reason that you are an only child. Too funny!!

momofmhasr said...

I keep meaning to tell you how much I like the new blog look. thanks for sharing your list.

SuzyScribbles said...

Oh, what fun to read your list. I loved getting a glimpse into your life.

Renee said...

Great list! I enjoyed getting to know you better. Have a great week.


SuperAngel said...

Glad they started making long pants for you! :)
I am rarely found without my laptop either! they are so portable why go without them, right? :)
I love to take drives too! it is so neat seeing the world around us and God's beautiful creations!

It was nice getting to know you!
Prayers and Blessings,
Miss Amanda

Speaking from the Heart said...

One more thing we have in common, I am rarely without my laptop either.

Manderly said...

Thanks for sharing your list...the tanning thing cracks me up! Have a great day!

Sherry said...

Thank you for sharing your facts! Great learning more about you. :D

I'm on the shorter side, so I've always been selfconscious of that along with weight.

I used to do the tanning bed quite a bit, too. I don't want to even go under one of those cameras that can see the damage I've done. Ugh!

I love to cook and bake, too, especially for others.

Have a great week!

Betsy said...

I like you. :)

I haven't been here since your new blog design...I love it.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your ten timely things. We've got a lot in common. God bless you and your inseam! ;)

In His love,

Anonymous said...

Horray a fellow tall friend! I'm 5'8" (no idea my inseam) & I was ALWAYS made fun of in school for my short pants... :(

MrsMomma said...

Enjoyed reading your list, Trina! Thanks for sharing and hope you have an awesome day!

Shawnee said...

I enjoyed reading your list. Thank you for sharing it with us. Have an awesome week!


Rhonda said...

Trina: I have the pleasure of passing on a blog award to you!
Pop over whenever you can to pick it up!
~Blessings to you!!

Judy said...

Thanks for sharing. I am glad to see you posting more. After seeing your post I went over and did one.
I hope you have a great homeschooling week.


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