I've been "Bling"!

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Well it is Monday again, a fresh start of a new week. Last week was crazy for us with doctors appointments and a day visiting my parents. Looking ahead at this week there is a peace that comes over me thinking of how much we are going to be back on our daily schedule. I think I need it as much as the girls need it.
I have a few wonderful "Mommy Moments"
that happen over the weekend that I would like to share:

We LOVE Goodwill!!

Sunday after church we pop in to have a look around and look what we found:

This is Felicity Colonial Carriage that retails for $175. It is missing several pieces but for $9.99 what a blessing. The girl went crazy right along with their mom. Sunday afternoon was so much fun watching them clean it and play American Girls with it. Both of their Felicity's are dressed up in their Holiday Outfits in side of it. They went to bed thanking the Lord for this gift.

On Friday I returned to the Doctor to find out that my leg is starting to heal. You could see where the calcium is starting to build up around the broken bone. It is not completely healed and I need to wear my air cast for another 2 months. No long walks, no exercising and try to stay off of it as much as possible. Yuck! This was not a surprise at all. I still had swelling and it hurt when I walk up and down our stairs in our home. A student of mine that we visited on Friday told the girls that they needed to "BLING" my air cast.

So over the weekend they did and here is what it now looks like:

I've been "Bling"!

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Have a blessed Monday ;)

In HIS Mighty Love,


Speaking from the Heart said...

I love your bling aircast. The girls did a great job. Praise the LORD that your leg is healing. Have wonderful and restful week.

Love ya,

Amy B said...

OH! I love your "new" cast. I bet that will be a fun memory for your precious girls. Thanks for sharing with us in M.O.M. this week!

Rhonda said...

The girls did a beautiful job on your aircast!! If you have to wear a cast, it should be a gorgeous one and yours is! :)
What a great find on that carriage! That is awesome-I am sure the girls will enjoy that for a long time.

Pop by my blog to pick up an award that I have for you whenever you have time!
~Blessings, Rhonda

Speaking from the Heart said...


I hope this message finds you resting with your leg propped up. I value our friendship and would like to award you with friendships award. Come over for a visit.


Anonymous said...

I spent 9 weeks in a cast like this last summer. Mine was black and I didn't "Bling" like you did yours. Now I wish I did. How fun! You're so creative.


Linda said...

Wow what a great find! We love Goodwill, too. The last time we went I got a great $20 vaccuum and a brand new piece of track for Thomas the Tank Engine!

Your cast looks too cute!

Linda B.

He And Me + 3 said...

Ok, I am so jealous of your awesome find. My girls love their american girl dolls. That is awesome. Also, to the girls...great job on the cast. I love it! That was an fab idea! That bling will make the time go by much faster! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love yours!

Danielle Hull said...

I came to visit from Mondays on Mothering. What a blessing, getting that carriage! I was blessed this year at Goodwill, too. We needed forks, as many had mysteriosly disappeared, and while I was picking a few out, there was a 12 quart calphalon stock pot, that just so happened to match a pan I already had, for $8! It retails for over $200. Don't you just feel special that God saves those things for you?!



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