I've been TAG !

My sweet dear friend and one of my first ever Sisters in Christ: Cyndi over at The Rogers Family- Destined 4 Great Things! (We have know each other since 4th grade Sunday School Class) Has TAG me . . .The rules say that I list 5 things about these 5 things that are about me. And, then I have to "tag" 5 people.

So, here it is folks....The Five Tag

10 Years Ago I:

1. Had been married for 1 year.

2. I worked at Riches Department Store for Perscriptives Cosmetics.

3. Drove a white Quest mini-van.

4. Weight a lot less and my body was firm.

5. Received bi-weekly manicures and pedicures.

5 Things on Today's "To-Do" List:

1. Finish school before lunch (at least my part)

2. Touch up paint on my American Girl students Tommy Walkers that they painted on Tuesday.

3. Make out a dinner menu for the next two weeks.

4. Make Friday grocery list.

5. Clean floors.

5 Snacks I Enjoy:

1. Twizzlers (strawberry flavor)

2. Kettle Pop-corn with real butter drizzle on top.

3. Chips and Salsa

4. Apples and Carmel

5. Potato Chips and home made french onion dip

5 Things I would do If I were a millionaire:

1. Pay off my parents house and other bills they have.

2. Pay off my home and give it to the church to use for the needs of young minister families.

3. Build the log cabin we dream about building.

4. Pay for my son college, so he wouldn't have to worry so much.

5. Pay for my sister in-laws school and help with any other bill she may have. She is going to make a wonderful nurse!

5 Places I have lived:

1. Rockbridge Road, Stone Mountain GA

2. Inverness, Toledo Ohio

3. Morgan Falls, Sandy Springs GA

4. Spring Hill, Mobile, AL

5. Mountain Crest Drive, Canton GA

5 Jobs that I have had (or still have today in some cases):

1. I am the labor side CEO of a family-run operation

2. My co-CEO AKA Mr. Wonderful: I am his Wife, soul mate and memory tracker ;)

3. Under our leadership I am looked up to as Mother & Step-Mother to our three perfect children!

4. Most days I wear the hat of: Organization Maintenance Supervisor! A few things that I do are: teacher, nurse, meal planner, maid, dog keeper, time management keeper.

5.All this is not possible if it wasn't for Christ who loves me! I am His child and blessed it be able to do all the above and more :).

5 people I am tagging:

1. Speaking from the Heart (One my first friends in blog land)
2. Raising 4 godly men - Homeschool Blogger (she has the gift of encouragement)
3. Knowledge House Academy (Fellow UGA fan)
4. Being Mrs. Momma (My blog world is brighter because I know you)
5. i will take it lord, all you have to give (another Ga Girl)


Speaking from the Heart said...


What a blessing it is for me to have you as a friend. You have such a big heart for your family and friends.


lori said...

Trina...You'll have to give me some time on this one...:)
I laughed..I am a GA girl but not a BULLDOG girl..HA!! I hope that doesn't eliminate me:)!

These are fun! I promise, I'll try!:)
Hugs to you!
You have lived VERY close to where we are now!

Have a great night!


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