Mondays on Mothering #1

This is my first time with Mondays on Mothering. Please join Amy to participate.

Watching my girls interact with the new puppy has been such a blessing. She is learning how to walk right now. Yesterday as I was talking to my wonderful friend Susan she told me that her daughter dressed their dog up in Bitty Baby clothes when it was small. I told the girls about it and they went crazy. The Bitty Baby clothes are to big right now. But here is Little Bug in a Webkinz Dress. Too Cute ;)
In His Mighty Love,


Halloween Doll Clothes Gal said...

First time on your blog.

How very cute those pics are.

Amy B said...

How adorable! My kids would love to have a dog. Thanks for joining us this week. It has been really fun reading all of the posts. Celebrate the Joy!

Amy B

Speaking from the Heart said...


Oh no!!! Minnie saw the picture (too cute), and now she wants a puppy, so it can wear an Alabama cheerleader outfit.

Tiffanie said...

Very cute! Just had my first daughter and looking forward to dressing up the doggies rather than rolling in the mud.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is TOO CUTE. I used to dress my kitten's up and tie it to a shoebox and take it for a ride on my bike. I LOVE the memories you brought me today.



Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

OH that puppy looks so PITIFUL!! Hee hee...very, very cute!

Susan said...

My dearest "chair-and-a-half" friend, I love the adorable photo of Little Bug! She must have a pumpkin outfit for fall!


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