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Sunday after church we took the girls over to the American Girl Store to meet their favorite author Valerie Tripp. We only had to stand in line for less then an hour and it was so worth it!
Even Daddy stood with us . . .
that made their day even more special.
The respect that I now personally have for this women is incredible. Both of the girls brought all six Molly & Josefina books! (I brought the Felicity Books) She took the time to sign each one of them. She ask them both personal questions and shared with them s few personal stories about how she writes for each doll. Meet Molly, was the first book she ever wrote. Molly was Scottlyn's first AG doll and she even showed Scottlyn her best friend in one of the pictures in the book. She also shared with them that she is now writing children books (for 1st & 2nd graders) to help them learn how read. She ran by an idea to Shalyn to see if it was something she would enjoy doing as a 2nd grader. She made both of the girls feel very special with the time she spent with each of them. What a wonderful way to use the talent that God has given her. She also informed us that if you write to her at address in the back of the books, she will personally write back to you.
How AWESOME is that!
Valerie Tripp with Scottlyn & Shalyn

Valerie Tripp with Scottlyn

Valerie Tripp with Shalyn.

This one of the many passions that I share with my daughters . . . one day I pray I am lucky to share it with their daughters to.

Thanks so much for reading about our day.

In His Mighty Love,


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

How sweet! The girls have gotton so big! Maybe they will aspire to be a writer now that they've seen how cool one can be! :-)

Speaking from the Heart said...

How fun. It's always exciting to meet the author who writes your favorite novel.

Have a wonderful week, my Sister in Christ.

He And Me + 3 said...

That is totally awesome! I love that woman now too. Great post and I will have to check those books out soon.

Anonymous said...

What a great experience. Maybe meeting an author will spark a new love for reading and writing. Fun!


Amy B said...

Wow! My girls would love that!!! My nine year old has read most of the book; and my five year old "pretends" to read the books; or begs one of us to read them to her :). Sounds like a great experience.

Thanks for joining us this week.

Amy B


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