Happy Valentine's Day

This is our 11th Valentines day together, we meet 12 years ago on February 23th in Panama City Beach, Florida while we were working for the same company. Less then 7 months later we were married and proceeded on to build a life together. At times it feels we have been to east bumble and back, but I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world. My life would be empty with out him. The last few months our lives have been turn upside down. The understanding that we truly do not know how long we have with each other is so true! This makes both of us see everything so much differently and feel things so much more deeper then before. Sitting in front of me right now is the love of my life. This man has forgiven all the mistakes I have made in my life. He has worked hard to bring the BEST out in me. That is no easy job. He provides for our family in all the ways that he is called to do. He is faithful, constant and committed to us. He is a simple kind of man. Loves the color gray! If you could see all his t-shirt: all of them are gray and NIKE. He is the kind of man that is there for his family and friends no matter what. He is honest with you . . . even when you don't like it. He think ahead and plans for our future. He is content with himself and dose not seek approval from others. What you see is what you get! Take it or leave it. I took it . .  from the very first day I saw him. When I first saw him 11 years ago was: "I want Him!" He was SEXY with is baby blue eyes. I was so full of myself back then. It wasn't that easy and still isn't. He is stubborn and if you ever want to argue with him, be prepared to loose. I thought that I could have him and change him  . . . just like that. I always loved the game. But he saw right through me and loved me anyways!! We both have done some changing over the years. Major milestones we have shared together. I was never the type who like long relationships, due to my crazy childhood. For me this is the longest relationship I have ever had with a man . . . even my own father. For the first time in our lives we both have lived in the same place longer then 5 years. We are now going on 12 years at our home. He have had two children together. They make us work hard on being the best example we can for them. The main thing in our relationship that holds us together is our love for God.  With out that only He knows where we would be today. I am so grateful for the love we share for Him together. We continue to be a work in progress.  So Happy Valentine's Day Mr. Wonderful! Here is our wedding song . . . we still dance to it every year. Tom, it's your love that bring out the best in me.

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He And Me + 3 said...

That song was mine and agents song and we had it sung at our wedding. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.


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