Can we say: SUNSHINE =;-}

For the past two days we have had some incredible weather low 70's will lots of SUNSHINE. The girls were just itching to get out and play with the water hose. Here are just a few pictures of their adventures:

They thought dumping water down the driveway,
it was like making their own waterfall! They had their own personal size pool . .  
I mean galvanized buckets (it's a redneck thing).

Let's not forget the dogs who were more then happy to play too . . . today they gave them all baths outside . . .THANK YOU!!! It's one less thing for Daddy & Mommy to do this weekend.

Little Bug

June Bug

and Jessie



tamlovesran said...

I have been freezing all day despite the temps reaching 70!

He And Me + 3 said...

my kids were outside all day yesterday and today...they love it out there, no matter the temp, but it was high 70's today...just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Girl! :) It wasn't that warm here :D


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