I have Issues

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Let me first say that I have some major issues!!! My husband keep's opening cabinet's or door's in our home only to find more food. In every corner of our home he would find a small stash.
 His answer was this:

After it was put together . . . 


Then it was filled . . . 


Let me just say that the top shelf alone cost less then a case of 24 Propel water @ costco. 
Two words: Coupons ROCK!!



He And Me + 3 said...

I love me some coupons too. Nice shelf and so neat. Great job organizing.

Tina said...

We love these racks! Ours were free ( throwouts from hubbys work place) and in perfect condition. They are awesome. Could not live with out mine!

Jenn4him said...

I think I have 6 of those shelves, myself. One I am using to hang my clothes on since my husband has the small closet in our bedroom full.

Pam said...

The shelf looks great. I love my coupons. I have saved tons of money in the past year.
Do you have a supertarget near you? We stopped at one on the way to Helen, Ga. and it was awesome.

Canadagirl said...

It would be a dangerous place for me to be near that shelf unit. I find the best way not to be tempted is not to have it in the house. lol.

Wahoo for all he coupon savings. Coupons are not as big up here in Canada. ((sigh))

Blessings in Him<><

PS: how are you feeling lately ?


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