Let them praise HIS name with dancing:

Let them praise his name with dancing:

The girls started taking dance when they were both 3 years old. Scottlyn will be 10 next month and Shalyn just turn7. Dance is such a BIG part of their life . . . we are grateful for:

Dance for His Glory it is a ministry of First Baptist Church Woodstock.  They are committed to teaching children the fundamentals of dance and movement in a Christ centered environment. The ministry’s goal is to glorify God through the celebration of dance and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to children, parents, and relatives by word and deed.

Here are their pictures for this year:

Scottlyn Ballet:

Scottlyn Tap & Jazz:

Shalyn Ballet:

Shalyn Tap & Jazz:



Tracy said...

What precious girls! I love the thought of dancing to show praise. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this verse today.


Maria@Conversations with Moms said...

I love the pictures. They looks so beautiful.

Joan said...

Beautiful Girls!
Blessings and WFW!

HennHouse said...

They are beautiful!!

And what a great verse for dancers!

Special K said...

beautiful girls!!!

Laurie Ann said...

Your girls are beautiful! This brings back memories of when Kristyn was in dance...she's 24 now. Treasure it! They grow up so fast. Loved the verse! Happy WFW to you.

Susan said...

Great scripture. You're girls are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Have a blessed WFW♥

He And Me + 3 said...

Beautiful girls.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh how pretty! They are beautiful girls. Love the scripture, too!

Happy WFW!

Noticed your Twitter...can't wait till GHEA!

Momstart said...

looks so fun

Tiff said...

I love there costumes. How pretty! I wish my daughter had taken dance. But she's not into that.

Enter to win a TILTY Sippy cup double pack!

Denise said...

Such a sweet WFW.

Mimi said...

Beautiful girls, beautiful verse!

godsown said...

beautifull girls and that the dane for His Glory!!

Blessed WFW

Staci said...

Wonderful photos!

Cathy said...

Beautiful girls and verse ~


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